We aren’t a marketing firm.

We aren’t a PR Firm.  

We aren’t a content house.  

We are strategic advisors with a single goal of accelerating your business, industry adoption of technology and market education of best practices around talent.

At Accelir, we are a next generation analyst firm working with some of human capital’s most innovative start-ups as well as best in class global HCM solutions.  We work with vendors to educate the buyers, understand the marketplace and develop innovative product, brand and marketing strategies.

Our vendor membership model isn’t about access to content – its about access to experts, insights and influencers.  It’s designed to create an acceleration of your business, market market education and product adoption.

With membership rates starting at just $2500/quarter – it is a budget decision you can’t afford to overlook.

Advisory Membership

The majority of vendor clients work with our firm on an advisory membership basis – with access to an industry expert for a set number of hours each quarter to work with your team on the area of business you are facing challenges with at that time.

Most clients use their time cross functionally within the organization, while a few limit it to only product or only marketing for example.   Some examples of how clients use this time:

  • Industry Support – Needs Identification, Market Education for Start-ups or New to Segment, Executive Advisor, Product Strategy – Roadmaps, UI feedback, Competitive/market feedback, Positioning, Coaching, Soundboard
  • Sales Strategy –  Demo/Sales Cycle Feedback, Process Improvements, Buyer Experience Audit
  • Marketing strategy – Budget allocation, Strategy, Social Use Audit, Marketing Material Review, Website Audit, Partner with Third Party Marketing, PR or Social firm to ensure HR buyer understanding
  • Event Strategy – Event Selection, Analyst/Blogger Briefing Prep, Event Strategy

Advisory Membership is great for organizations that appreciate third party feedback, strategy and advice.  Quarterly calls take place including regular briefings, industry feedback, influencer introductions and brand awareness with new clients and thought leaders both via social as well as in person at industry events.

Retained Advisory relationships include regular access, as well as one blog or article per quarter for your use, a year long “sponsored by” widget on the HRTechBlog.com, discounted rates on full day, thought leadership & other services and first rights to whitepaper/editorial calendar around each event.

Partner Advisory relationships are strategically designed for organizations that are looking for a long term advisor or board member that knows their product, the marketplace and their unique business strategy but understand the value of an exclusive outside opinion.  These typically include set weekly calls and a much more hands on approach.  In addition, these include premium sponsor placement, a cobranded infographic and one cobranded webinar each year.    Note:  This is limited to 5 vendors per year and does offer option of industry line exclusivity.

All advisory members get a discount on our surveys, whitepapers, on-site meetings and additional project and consulting work.

Product Strategy



We strategically partner during product road map sessions, user experience design conversations and product revamps.  We review systems the way your buyers and end users will, not just as a developer or analyst.  Providing product suggestions and feedback based on competitive market intel, ongoing industry research as well as our own market experience.

Our projects have ranged from a few hours of strategy consulting to ongoing product advisory services – working with clients from start up to best in class, global HCM leaders – all with one thing in common – to make innovative products for real world users.

Product Strategy – 

Buyer Experience Strategies

Do you really know how well your messaging competes in the marketplace or how effective your product demos are? We do. 

From the emotion the website evokes, to how the sales strategy is defined and the story your marketing tells – everything impact the sale.

Buyer Experience Audit – While it may sound obvious, wording on marketing materials or websites can create impressions you don’t mean to give. The process of becoming a prospect and the ongoing communication may not be selling your product for you.  In many cases, the challenge comes once the buyer is on the phone, a poorly constructed demo can make even the simplest of solutions seem confusing.

We can conduct a full audit and provide you with feedback on areas for improvement or what you are doing really well.

Market Perception Feedback –  If you are considering a product redesign or rolling out a new marketing campaign we can work with you to conduct independent virtual or onsite focus groups of buyers or prospects allowing you to gather valuable feedback directly from the end user or buyer.

Customer Advocacy

Building great client relationships and strong brand names in the market place isn’t just about spending a lot on marketing and content campaigns.  Some of the fastest growing companies in HR Technology experienced this growth through strategic customer advocacy programs.

Build relationships that create FANS and ADVOCATES not just customers.

We help you create advocacy strategy programs that let you:

  • measure results
  • retain your brand and culture
  • expand your footprint larger than you ever could with marketing dollars alone