Vendor Thought Leadership is about more than sponsoring research.

It’s about Market Education.  Brand identity.  Adoption Rates.  Lead Generation.

When done right, thought leadership reports can provide all of that as well as ongoing relationship development with current clients.  We support our clients needs through participation in article and white paper development, webinars, presentations, user conferences, key client education/support calls and more.

Our team has been writing and editing top content in the human capital market for more than a decade with experience coming from some of the industry’s top analyst firms.  We partner with vendors to produce independent research, market education, white papers, case studies and infographics for internal or external use   Reports, Surveys & Research can stand alone or go hand in hand with a webinar, user conference or leadership meeting.

In addition to simply writing, we have an extensive distribution network including social media as well as sites like slideshare. Our top reports have more than 50,000 views.  Each webinar/slidedeck content averaged 2500 additional views through those mediums.

If you are looking for more traditional content creation for your blog, social channels or newsletters – we have a team that focuses exclusively on those requests and clients in the human capital industry. From a content marketing plan, to ongoing social management & email marketing campaigns we know that marketing is no longer just about emails and mailings – its about next generation of technology to streamline and enhance your branding efforts.

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