We love technology.  

We love talent strategy. 

We love bringing the two together and helping corporate teams accelerate their recruitment to retention strategies!  

At Accelir, we are a next generation analyst firm and we work hard to bring market education and research to corporate human resource, recruiting and talent management teams at no cost.  That means, no membership fees just to access the reports, infographics and research we are producing.   We understand the politics and organizational change issues that come into play when selecting new solutions or evolving processes.   We strive to make the content easy to understand, accessible and adoptable by companies from 100 to 100,000+ employees.

But, we know some of you want a deeper level of understanding and support.  You want to have an analyst or industry expert available for calls a few times a year and a more personalized approach to how to apply what we talk about to your business.  For organizations like that we offer advisory membership packages, tailored to fit your teams specific needs.  At this time, our focus with corporate clients is exclusively on talent  (Branding through Retention) related issues.

Advisory memberships start at just $2500/year for corporate teams.

Corporate Advisory Services

Advisory On Demand

Specifically designed for organizations that need a trusted resource to call when questions arise throughout the year. Our role is to have an understanding of your organization and core strategy and provide feedback specific to the challenges you are facing.   Much like your traditional analyst firm membership, Advisory On Demand members have regular access to our team for any number of issues and questions about conference selection, budget allocation, hiring process, technology  feedback, social media, or any other process and strategy issues related to Talent Acquisition.

In addition, these members have a early access to certain research, rate reduction on project, on-site facilitation/speaking or internal research projects.

Project Advisory 

Our project advisory is perfect for companies that are trying to understand the vendor marketplace, determine their solution or training needs or have a third party advisor to facilitate focus groups of their current team.  This is typically a short term 3-6 month engagement related to a specific issue.

Examples of projects completed include: Vendor Strategy Facilitation, Recruiter Roundtable for Executive Feedback, Market Education, Presentations, Recruiting Team Gap/Needs Analysis Survey, Candidate Experience Evaluation, Careers Site Feedback, Digital Interviewing Strategy

Candidate Experience & Branding Strategy

Candidate Experience is close to our hearts here at Accelir.  Our founder, has participated in the Candidate Experience Awards as a Judge, Board Member and Council Member since its inception in 2011.  Since then, we have worked with countless organizations looking for a better understanding of how to adjust their processes and work with their recruitment technology vendors to improve the experience for not only candidates, but recruiters and hiring managers as well.

As part of the candidate experience audit, we take a look at your corporate careers site and provide a detailed overview of the user experience, suggestions for improvement and can even connect you with the experts to help.

Digital Interviewing Strategy

We were one of the first to talk about the future of video and digital in interviewing way back in 2006.  Since then, the market has changed a lot and the adoption of not only video interviewing but the impact of video on society  in general has been nothing short of revolutionary.

Our research, vendor work and speaking on the topic has allowed us to work with a number of corporate recruiting teams on strategy and adoption best practices.

We will gladly provide short lists of vendors, but we don’t do selection or implementation work.  Our role is truly advisory and strategic to make sure you understand the technology to start with and make sure it fits in your process and corporate culture.  Next, we help companies with user adoption and making sure they are maximizing the solution once it has been acquired.