Sarah Brennan, CEO Accelir, HR Speaker Consultant

Sarah Brennan, CEO & Principal Strategist of Accelir is an industry analyst and consultant focused on changing the conversation around talent, technology, hiring and the impact on business. Currently finishing a book: The Talent Secret (looking to publish in 2016 ) on intersection of talent and revenue.

For more than a decade, she been developing, training and implementing strategies around talent and the impact on business for clients in industries including high-growth startups, Professional Sports teams (MLB, MLS), Auto Makers, Retail, Video Gaming, Banking & Insurance, Non-Profit, Distribution & Manufacturing.

Her wins on innovative talent strategy brought her into the HR Technology vendor side of the world both as an acting Chief Strategy Officer reimagining the product, brand and market offerings of an ATS into a full suite Talent Management Solution as well as Principal Analyst, Talent at Bersin & Associates (Now Deloitte).  Her consulting practice has given the opportunity to work with more than 40 HR Technology Solution and Software vendors on research, product, acquisition/sale strategy, go to market strategy and market education.

Sarah Brennan been featured or quoted by NBC News, US World Report, Huffington Post, Bloomberg, Wall Street Journal, USA Today, FOX, ABC, HR Executive Magazine, and numerous other sites and magazines around the world. Spoken at events like SXSW, Mashable’s London Event, Bersin’s Impact, Various SHRM conference, Recruiting Trends, HR Technology Conference – US & Europe, IRecruit Europe, ERE, Social Recruiting Summit, Talent Net, Recruitfest, TRU Events as well as corporate team engagements, national association conferences, vendor user conferences and more. She has been named a top influencer in social, hr and technology each of the last 6 years by groups like Aberdeen, Huffington Post, Fast Company and more than 40 industry blogs.

In addition to Accelir, Sarah Brennan is founder of HR Tech Blog – HCM Market Education Made Simple;  Co-founder of Women of HR Blog; Contributing Analyst at GigaOm; Former board member and current council member of Candidate Experience Awards; and sits on Board of Advisors of various SaaS firms including recently launched Hyphen.

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Sarah Brennan is founder of Accelir, a boutique firm focused on the intersection between talent and growth. Her research and innovative design of corporate talent strategies led to work with 200+ corporate HR Teams and 40+ HRTech Solution vendors on product improvement and market education.

Sarah has been included in media (US World Report, Bloomberg, WSJ, HRExecutive) Presented at conferences in 5 countries and been named a top influencer each of the last 6 years by groups like Aberdeen, Huffington Post, Forbes, Fast Company and more.

She is also founder, HR Tech Blog; Contributing Analyst, GigaOm; Council, Candidate Experience Awards; and Board of Advisors of various SaaS systems.