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Team Growth

Do you have the process, technology  & strategy in place to find the right talent long term?

Product Growth

Ready to innovate or enhance your HR Tech product, user experience or roadmap?

Market Education

Is your main focus market education with a strategic, multi-channel approach?

What Do We Do?

We are a Strategic Advisory Firm focused on Intersection of Talent, Technology & Growth.

Built from a background of practitioner, vendor & analyst firm experience to create a different type of voice in the market for executive focused on talent, strategic human resource departments, venture capital/equity funds, and HCM vendors.

Team Growth

Companies we work with around people strategies are trying to solve one of two growth issues:

  1. We aren’t sure, but think we need to hire more people.
  2. We know we need more people, but think we need to improve how we hire.

An influx in technology and social recruiting solutions, combined with positions that are less about the job title and more about the skills have created hiring issues we didn’t anticipate just a decade ago.   Evaluating your hiring needs, recruitment process, contingent vs full time options, candidate experience, employment brand, social media involvement, sourcing, technology needs and onboarding strategies can be overwhelming – not to mention understanding the development and training needs of your recruiting team.

Our solutions are research and experience based with a focus on business results – we know as a business owner or as a VP of HR, the bottom line and creating a strategy that is measurable with ROI is key.  We have worked with clients around the world ranging in size from a start-up debating first hires to F10 companies needing to revamp a portion of their recruiting process, to organizations in between that need help with evaluation & implementation strategies of technology.

Are you looking to be more strategic with your hiring in 2016?  Lets Talk!

Product Growth

Having a “good” product and great marketing plan may be fine for some organizations, but the clients we work with are looking to truly innovate, disrupt or evolve the marketplace.

Creating solid product road maps, creating innovative user experiences, respecting your brand and target clients can be challenging for even the most experienced team.  The blinders that come into play when you are so tightly involved in your own product development can often have you over complicating or missing key features.


We have worked with more than 25 vendors around product – from start ups looking to get fill a market gap to get acquired to enterprise solutions looking to enhance their current offerings and everything in between.

We strategically partner during product road map sessions, user experience design conversations and product revamps.  We review systems the way your buyers and end users will, not just as a developer or analyst.  Providing product suggestions and feedback based on competitive market intel, ongoing industry research as well as our own market experience.

Our projects have ranged from a few hours of strategy consulting to ongoing product advisory services – working with clients from start up to best in class, global HCM leaders – all with one thing in common – to make innovative products for real world users.

Engagement Growth

Generating a lead is the easy part. 

Closing a sale, accelerating growth and building brand advocates is much more detailed than a “marketing strategy”.   Its tied a little closer to product marketing and takes a holistic look at the brand, culture, product and buyer trends.   Our results in this area are unmatched.

It’s about: Market Education.  Web Design.  Buyer Experience.  Product Demos.  Adoption Rates.  Building Client Fanatics.

When done right – it ties in seamlessly with your sales and marketing strategies – helping you become the industry expert in your specialty.   Beyond crafting and coaching the team through client growth and engagement strategies, we support our clients needs through independent industry research,  article and white paper development, webinars, presentations, user conferences, key client education/support calls and more.

We are NOT a marketing firm.  Or Content House.  But a lot of our solutions support the efforts of these groups and our relationship is often closely tied with that team.  For certain industries, our extensive distribution network prove valuable as our top reports have more than 50,000 views globally.

Ready to Accelerate your Growth Strategy?

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(Accelir uses their) mastery of today’s emerging social media technologies to leverage extraordinary talents and delivers…every time. The benefit to ALL firms is bold strategy, innovative tactics…and objective/ measurable results.

Industry Thought Leader

The knack for innovation is exciting, and almost exhausting to be a part of. But worth it!

CEOHR Solutions Vendor

She is a catalyst. If you want to stay put and maintain the status quo in your company, don’t hire (Accelir) Sarah.

Sales LeaderLeading HCM Marketing Firm

When needing to know deeper knowledge about market trends and viewpoints, Accelir is on the top of my short-list. Above and beyond the Talent Acquisition fundamentals, (they) some of the deepest insight into the sourcing space (talent CRM, social recruiting, etc.) and other emerging technologies.

Product Marketing ManagerGlobal Talent Management Software

A true asset to the recruiting and talent acquisition community – a keen sense for market trends and emerging technology.

CEO Video Interviewing Leader

Very impressed with strong understanding of the Talent Management space, and the resulting excellent report on business intelligence.

VP MarketingGlobal Pre Employment Screening Provider

Sarah’s voice in the industry is sought after because she provides both strategic and tactical advice that can be applied in the field.

VPLarge Global Solution Provider

About Us

Accelir is a Strategic Advisory Firm.

Simply put, we work as an advisor accelerating growth through innovative talent, technology and market strategies.

We help you grow effectively.

We launched in 2005 as an independent talent consultancy and rebranded to Accelir in 2013 to focus in on what we love best – accelerating growth in companies through innovative technology usage!  Since launch we have worked with over 200+ corporate corporate human resource teams – including education, major league sports, gaming, manufacturing, service industry, online startups & more as well as 40+  SaaS technologies from North America, Europe, Middle East, Australia and Asia.

 Our product and marketing specialty is human capital but our clients have included all types of B2B SaaS business.

  • People Strategy

    We work with you to determine if you are hiring the people you actually need – in an effective way.

  • Technology Strategy

    Is the technology roadmap  you are developing what your buyers actually want?

  • Engagement Strategy

    It’s about more than content. It’s about Market Education.  Brand identity.  Adoption Rates.  Lead Generation. Building Brand Advocates.